Campus Predikheren

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Thanks to DIRECT, guaranteed returns and decisive solvent partners, you can rest assured that your investment is and remains crisis-resistant! The REALIS projects have already proven to be able to cope with the crisis in recent months. Moreover, REALIS only offers projects that meet basic residential needs, which therefore never disappear. Housing, student flats, care centers and recovery accommodation in smart locations are and will remain more important than ever!


Trendy living in a smart location.

With Campus Predikheren1 you'll invest in a profitable real estate project in a trendy neighborhood in the city Lier. This ready-to-move-in campus in a smart location ensures a good return. As an investor, you'll enjoy a 5-year rental guarantee and a high added value.

Every student flat in Campus Predikheren is furnished, painted and equipped with its own sanitary facilities, shower and internet connection. All flats are 100% ready to move in. With a shared, fully equipped kitchen and a bicycle shed on top, the students will find everything they need. In other words, the perfect base for students.

net return2 from6,96%
Immediate income during5 yearsthanks to rental guarantee3
Price from4€ 113.000
Profitable investment
Campus Predikheren is a safe, carefree and profitable investment, thanks to our REALIS DIRECT formula.

Choose a top investment in the heart of Lier. Campus Predikheren is the dream of every investor due to the high return and the 5-year rental guarantee. You'll enjoy all the advantages of being an owner, without the hassle. A-STAR Group, specialized in the rental and management of student accommodation, offers you a complete carefree solution. The project is completely ready and with the REALIS DIRECT formula you're sure of an immediate income. A win-win situation!

The city of Lier has two colleges with AP Hogeschool Antwerp and the Thomas More, Lier department. In light of this, the city plan “Lier for Students” was published. This plan offers an overview of the assets of Lier as a student city: the wide range of establishments and shops, the many sports and relaxation options, the easy accessibility by public transport and the pleasant city center.

As an investor, you enjoy many benefits1
Campus Predikheren is an interesting investment for you and your (grand)children. On the one hand, it is an ideal opportunity to let them study and live in the beautiful student city of Lier. On the other hand, before or after their studies, you can enjoy a direct, monthly rental income and a high return.
  • Demonstrably high net return starting at 6,96% 2
  • Purchase with full ownership with option of own use
  • Tangible level for financing
  • Prospective strong added value thanks to the strategic location
  • Sale completely under registration (no VAT)1
  • Rental guarantee for 5 years3
  • Inflation-proof investment: rental income is indexed
  • A smooth rental thanks to professional partner A-Star Group
  • Ready-to-move-into (furnished and painted)
  • Rental management by a renowned agency
Discover Campus Predikheren

Campus Predikheren
Avenue Predikheren 37-39
2500 Lier

Perfect location for the trendy student!

Campus Predikheren, located in the Predikherenlaan in Lier, is on the doorstep of the two largest colleges, numerous food and beverage outlets, ... The two colleges are within walking distance or reachable by bike. The trendy area around the Grand Place and the Zimmersquare are in close proximity of the project. The shops in the Antwerpsestraat, the station, the city park and the library are also within walking distance.

In addition, there is a wide range of sports, art and cultural opportunities to discover in the area. Students can also easily move around with public transport nearby. Lier station can be reached within 5 minutes by bike. A student can't live in a better location in the city of Lier.

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Urban planning information: Permit issued, Residential area according to the Regional Plan Mechelen; and Art. 1: demarcation line small-town area Lier according to PRUP Demarcation line small-urban area Lier, No parcelling permit. No administrative or judicial measure. No pre-emption right. The property is located in a protected archaeological zone (for more information about the legal consequences go to

(1) Conditions on request.
(2) On average at 10 years, stating financing. Excl. added value. Simulation based on specific parameters. Conditions on request.
(3) Guaranteed by promoter for the duration of the contract.
(4) Excl. costs (sales under registration).

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