Residence Botanic - Park flats
Residence Botanic
Park flats with customised extra services.
Net return 5.84% and up.
Residence Botanic
Park flats in Puurs in a green, central area.
Unseen concept in Flanders!
Modern lofts in the heart of Antwerp with all hotspots yust around the corner.
Residence De Veiling
Residence De Veiling
Certified service residence in the heart of Hoogstraten.
Residence De Veiling
Your carefree future in Hoogstraten.
Residentie Arthur - Service residence
Certified service residence in Sint-Genesius-Rode
Surrounded by greenery with services within easy reach.
Urban Living Ustel
Urban Living Ustel
Trendy student studio flats in the biggest college town in Belgium!
Urban Living Ustel
Carefree investing and 10 years of guaranteed rental income.

Every real estate project with REALIS is synonymous with carefree, safe and profitable investing.

By maintaining its core values and success formula, REALIS has become a permanent value in the market. REALIS extensively screens all projects for location, added value, rate of return, price-quality ration and quality aspects. Stable rental income, renting and management by a professional partner and a realistic view of added value make the real estate projects profitable, safe and CAREFREE investments.

The specialists at REALIS always make every effort to talk to clients extensively. Clarity and customised real estate advice are the key words here. So, for top investments in real estate, REALIS is the place to be!

To REALIS, realistic means
Profitable projects

You can quickly enjoy the rental income and in the long-run you are virtually guaranteed added value. Due to the careful selection of projects that meet the strictest selection criteria, REALIS is able to always guarantee its clients quality and top profitability.

A safe investment

While the value of stocks and bonds is subject to continuous fluctuation, real estate remains solid. In addition, REALIS is always looking for investments with a low risk and dependable profitability.

Carefree investing

The REALIS specialists will guide you with your investment choice and will provide you with independent and expert real estate advice. In addition, REALIS ensures a carefree and stable income, either by itself or through specialized partners.

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