Satisfied client testimonials

Covimmo NV is a patrimony partnership, founded by physicians, which Doctor Stefaan Geerts is a member of. He says: "As a group of physicians, we recognise the acute need for care facilities, which, like Care Residence Moutershof, are operated as a residential and care centre. We specifically chose this project for various reasons.":

  • ​The location – Meise, Wolvertem: the community is prosperous, and, in this region, there is a shortage of care beds
  • The operator Senior Assist has a spotless reputation and was screened via Trends, where they scored higher than average
  • The rental return: an attractive net return from the start, as well as rental income for a guaranteed period of 5 years!
  • The carefree nature of the investment: property management is in the hands of a specialised management agency
  • In the past we have always had excellent dealings with REALIS

Warm regards, Dr. Stefaan Geerts, Covimmo NV

In the video (dutch) below, discover why this client, Marianne Dewandeleer, resolutely opts for REALIS for her real estate investment:

We are a young retired, childless couple. Who will we be able to rely on later in life? In February, we received an advertising brochure in the mail from REALIS about the construction of service flats in Herent.

We made an appointment with Dominique, who gave us the information we needed about this project. Her professional approach gave us a good feeling and a mutual trust was born. Not much later, we signed a preliminary contract and the path to the notarial deed was open.

REALIS has a lot of experience and know-how and instils confidence with its professionalism. By now our dream has become a reality. Thank you, REALIS and Dominique, for the very pleasant moments.

M. & R. H.

Hello Katrien,

After several attempts to invest in real estate, I came into contact with REALIS. Unlike other parties, I immediately noticed that REALIS did not pressure me so that they could make a sale as soon as possible. On the contrary, they kept answering my many questions in a very professional way.

I quickly got a sense of doing business safely with confidence. Due to the expertise they demonstrated, with clear figures and calculations of possible returns and expected trends in the market, we decided to invest in a service flat.


Hi Katrien,

It was a good idea to explain the project personally. This was so well-organised and detailed; the presentation was so good, and the professional explanation was so friendly that it instantly persuaded us. The tone was never pushy, and we always immediately received a clear answer to our questions. Thanks, and hopefully the rest of the processing will go as smoothly as the purchasing step.

Warm regards,
S. & C. T.

Dear Jason,

Thanks for the quick and correct processing of the purchase of the units in the development project of recovery rooms. The open and professional manner of communication and providing information were very much appreciated. I strongly believe in the solid and profitable future of this project. Good luck with the rest of the sales.

Warm regards,

Dear Bradley,

I would like to thank you and your team for the gifts we received from REALIS last Wednesday. The cooperation and assistance with the purchase of the property were very correct and pleasant and we also thank you for that.

We will certainly take you up on your offer to contact you if we have any further questions. Perhaps until the next project.

Warm regards,


We are now at the beginning of this investment and hope that it was indeed a good decision for the future. If we know anyone who may be interested in a real estate investment plan, we will certainly recommend your company.

The contact we had with you was very client-friendly and very professional.

Many thanks,
A & R N.


Je ne sais pas si vous vous rappelez encore de nous. Nous nous sommes rencontrés en mars 2014 pour l’achat d’une chambre à la résidence "Pleiades" et vous êtes venue chez nous à Woluwé pour la signature du compromis. Tout s’est très bien déroulé depuis lors et nous sommes contents de notre achat. J’en profite pour vous remercier pour l’envoi du coffret de vins que nous avons bien reçu la semaine dernière. Cela nous a fait plaisir.& Encore merci pour votre aimable attention et nous vous souhaitons une agréable fin de journée.

Avec notre bon souvenir,
Monsieur M.

Dear Jason,

To me, REALIS is different from other real estate offices in two ways:

- REALIS is much more specialised in the better newly constructed real estate for the investor than other real estate companies. The well-organised return analysis offers a clear added value!

- The selling process is done more like a process of consulting and providing information. As a potential buyer, you never feel pressured to close the sale. This makes the decision-making process so much more pleasant!

I also want to use this opportunity to thank you for the beautiful flower bouquet I received!

Warm regards,


It was a happy moment on Saturday and a great relief to receive the good news about our home!

We would like to thank you and your colleagues who worked on our case for all the effort you put in and all the work you did for this!

What we will always remember is that during the time that we may have been a little impatient because a lot depends on this for us, is the friendly way you handled this for us and the congenial involvement we had the pleasure of experiencing! Thank you so much for this!

Warm regards,
G & M


We would like to compliment you and your team in general and Jason Jacobs in particular on the very professional, but most of all client-friendly, way in which the purchase of a home in Bonheiden occurred.

Jason put in all his efforts right from the first contact, not only for the sellers, but we were provided with consultation and guidance as the client. No dossier was ever followed up so punctually and meticulously with such consistent and very friendly customer reception, both by Jason and the other people at the office.

The personal gifts, after signing the compromise, closed the sales file with style.

Warm regards,
J & P

Beste Hilde,

Investeren in vastgoed doe je zomaar niet op 1 2 3, je zoekt naar de juiste projecten om je kapitaal te laten renderen. Hier is het belangrijk dat de bedrijven, personen waarmee je in zee gaat met jou meedenken en op dezelfde golflengte zitten. Vanaf het eerste telefonisch gesprek had ik het gevoel dat ik begrepen werd, er werd onmiddellijk naar een project gezocht dat paste bij mijn investeringsprofiel. Elke afspraak werd correct nagekomen, op elke vraag kwam een passend antwoord. Je kan stellen dat REALIS een bedrijf is met een no nonsense cultuur. Het aangename was ook dat op geen enkel moment de druk op de ketel verhoogd werd om je handtekening te zetten, wanneer ik er klaar voor was kon ik het laten weten. (gelukkig was mijn pand ondertussen nog niet verkocht aan iemand anders). Ik heb samen met mijn contactpersoon diverse keren het project bezocht en werd op de hoogte gehouden van de evolutie van de werken, ook dit was leuk om de evolutie van het project te kunnen volgen. Ook na de voorlopige oplevering heb ik nog diverse keren contact gehad met mijn contactpersoon bij REALIS en ook hier had ik niet het gevoel “centen zijn binnen, trek uw plan maar”, ze volgen alles goed mee op. Kortom, het was een leuke ervaring en kan niet meteen iets negatief bedenken.

Didier Van Hoof

“Probleemloos investeren, dat is waar wij naar op zoek waren. Realis bood ons hiervoor perfecte oplossingen: na een eerste investering in een studentenkamer in Leuven (project WOOW), hebben wij onlangs in YUST geïnvesteerd, een innovatief en weldoordacht concept met verhuurgarantie op lange termijn. Precies waar wij naar op zoek waren! Het bood ons een combinatie van een goede investering op een toplocatie die volop in ontwikkeling is, met een voor ons zorgeloos rendement.

Wat ik vooral waardeer mijn interacties met Realis is de professionele, vriendelijke en ongedwongen benadering. Er wordt tijd genomen om weldoordachte beslissingen te kunnen nemen, helder en duidelijk gecommuniceerd en de koper de tijd/ruimte gegeven om een beslissing te nemen. Dit hebben wij als zeer prettig ervaring. Daarnaast overspoelt Realis zijn klanten niet met informatie. Communicatie is zeer gebalanceerd. Zo zijn nieuwsbrieven normaliter een doorn in mijn oog, maar jullie nieuwsbrieven hebben een goede frequentie (eerder weinig dan veel en dus prettig) en geven me toch het gevoel te allen tijde vinger aan de pols te houden met de verschillende projecten die jullie aanbieden.

Op basis van mijn ervaring, zou ik zeker Realis aanbevelen aan eenieder die interesse heeft om zorgeloos in vastgoed te investeren" - A. M.