Urban Living Ustel - Student studio flats
Trendy student studio flats for sale in the biggest college town in Belgium!

Enjoy 10 years of rental guarantee 2 and lots of other benefits 1.

Urban Living Ustel is a contemporary real estate project with 58 student studio flats that are offered for sale. Located near colleges and universities and Brussels-South train station, this is the perfect base for the Brussels student.

The student studio flats are fully furnished with bed, desk and desk chair, wardrobe, etc. Every studio has its own kitchenette with a refrigerator, electric cookstove and microwave. There is also a private bathroom with a shower. In the pleasant common space with a lounge and TV, the students can get together for a drink and a chat. Everything is taken care of down to the last detail.

58studio flats
10 yearsof rental guarantee 2
from 36.12%net return
Urban Living Ustel - Model flat
Perfectly finished student studio flats.
Carefree investing and 10 years of guaranteed rental income.
A student studio flat in Urban Living Ustel is the equivalent of demonstrably high net return and 10 years of guaranteed rental 2.
Investing in student flats at Urban Living Ustel is carefree investing. The rental and management of your student flat will be taken care of by Everland, the ultimate professional in student housing in the big European cities. This way you can enjoy the benefits of being an owner, without any worries. Everland will be monitoring the state of affairs.
Enjoy a lot of benefits as an investor 1.
Go for top investing in the heart of Brussels. You can buy a student studio flat from € 113,260 (+ costs).
  • Demonstrably net return from 6.12% 3
  • Purchase with full ownership with option for own use
  • Prospective added value due to top location
  • Tangible lever for financing
  • Completely under registration
  • 10 years of guaranteed rental income 2
  • The demand for student housing in Brussels is higher than the supply
  • Due to the scarcity of student housing in Brussels, this project is a solid investment
  • Enjoy all the benefits of being an owner, without the disadvantages
  • Renting and management by Everland
  • Ready-to-move-into studio flats
Urban Living Ustel - student flats
Discover Urban Living Ustel

Did you know that Leuven or Ghent are not the biggest college towns in Belgium? Brussels is the biggest college town in Belgium! Every year, more than 100,000 students choose to attend college or university in Brussels. Many Erasmus students spread their wings here too.

This project offers an answer to the shortage of student housing in good locations in Brussels. With Colleges (ERASMUS) and Universities (VUB) in the vicinity, students can be at their classes in no time.

The location on the pleasant Luchtvaartsquare ensures that Urban Living Ustel is certainly appealing to students; an added value for you as an investor. There are plenty of amenities. Students can buy their groceries near their home and can enjoy all the shopping and cultural events the metropolis has to offer. In addition, they are close to the metro and the Brussels-South train station; an ideal place for exploring the entire city quickly and easily.

The perfect home-base for the student

On the corner of Poincarélaan
and Luchtvaartsquare
in 1070 Brussels

Close to metro stops and South station

  • Erasmushogeschool (EhB)
    • Campus Dansaert (2 haltes van Ustel)
      – RITCS School of Arts (Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema & Sound)
    • Campus Bloemenhof (2 haltes van Ustel)
      – Management, Media & Maatschappij
    • Departement Design & Technologie (2 stops from Ustel)
    • Koninklijk Conservatorium (6 stops from Ustel)
  • Odisee hogeschool
    • Campus Brussel (3 stops from Ustel)
    • Campus Terranova km (4 stops from Ustel)
  • KU Leuven
    • Campus Brussel (3 stops from Ustel)
  • Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer (400m walk)
  • Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles (1 halte van Ustel)
  • Vatel Hotel Management school (5 stops from Ustel)
  • IHECS (2 stops from Ustel)
    • Social Communications
  • ISIB – HE2B (1 stop from Ustel)
    • Technical
  • ESCG (4 stops from Ustel)
    • Management & Communications
  • ESA – St Luc Bruxelles (3 stops from Ustel)
    • Arts
  • INSAS (5 stops from Ustel)
    • Audiovisuels & Administration
  • UCL – St-Gilles (4 stops from Ustel)
  • VUB (2 stops from Ustel)
    • Campus Technologie

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Urban planning info: Mixed areas, areas of cultural, aesthetic value or for city beautification.

(1) Terms and Conditions provided upon request.
(2) For the duration of the contract and guaranteed by promotor.
(3) Average of 10 years, subject to financing. Excluding added value. Simulation based on specific parameters. Conditions provided upon request.

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